The Valet Service

The concept of custom clothing is not new. On London's Savile Row, 300 yards of storefront have been home to bespoke-clothing purveyors for over a century. It's not uncommon for people to travel great distances to be measured, fitted, and refitted at these shops, which form the heart of the custom tailoring world. In the U.S., you'll find the same customer devotion: the impeccably dressed find a great store, tailor, or designer and travel to them.

When we developed Requisite, we wanted to create a company that differed not only in products but also in services. We wanted our work to focus uniquely on the needs of our clients, who have busy lives. The result is our custom-clothing valet service.

At no extra cost, your personal designer will meet you at your location of choice, whether that's your home or your office. This time-saving service (Imagine not having to fight traffic, parking, and crowds!) ensures that your appointment will focus solely on you. We bring with us all the necessary fabrics, samples, and tools needed to develop your garments. During your appointment, you and your designer will discuss your goals and vision for your new clothing, along with your likes and dislikes, fit preferences, pet peeves, and so on. The designer will then take your measurements, make posture notations, and sketch out the garments' details.

A suit derived from any one set of measurements can be interpreted in a virtually infinite variety of ways. Holding appointments in a one-on-one setting in our clients' own environments helps give the designer a better grasp of how to design garments that, both literally and figuratively, best fit you.