the requisite difference

Modern cut window Prince of Wales sport coat
  • The Designer, The Tailor, and You

    Creating a truly great custom garment is our passion-one we believe is achieved in three steps:

    1. How you are measured
    2. How the clothing is designed
    3. How the garment is made

    These are the essentials to making the best custom suit, dress shirt, tuxedo, overcoat…in fact, any custom garment. These steps are sequential, and there is no room for a weak link-the success of each step relies on the prior step and ultimately dictates the quality of the finished piece. Our commitment to this standard sets Requisite apart from every other custom suit maker in the marketplace.

  • The Measurements

    Step one seems like common sense, but it's a part of the suit-making process that's all too often glossed over. How and who takes your measurements makes a huge difference in the end product.

    Requisite uses 37 measurements and posture notations as the basis for our custom suits. All measurements are taken by our staff of non-commission-basis designers-trained professionals with a working knowledge of our patternmaking and tailoring processes. We cannot emphasize this distinction enough.

    Many suit makers use salespeople whose primary objective is to sell you products. Some may be adequate measurers, but we challenge any of them to match our designers' knowledge and know- how.

    We have even seen websites that encourage you or a friend to take your own measurements using their "easy-to-follow" guide. We believe that this is like having a barber talk you through cutting your own hair.

    Garbage in equals garbage out. Period. The raw measurements are the foundation for a truly great custom suit. Measuring correctly takes a combination of education, training, passion, and experience, all of which is a must for our design staff.

  • The Design

    Creating an exemplary custom suit demands the perfect mixture of science and art. The physical step of tailoring is the science, while the cut and silhouette of the suit are the art. The majority of custom suit makers today overlook the design aspect. But a suit can be cut in countless ways, all of them derived from a single set of raw body measurements.

    We use designers because that is what they do best-design. Tailors tend to be technicians. Their strengths lean toward hand work, angles, and stitches. Design is a whole different animal. The ability to envision and translate a client's raw body measurements into the right silhouette for his or her body type, using feature-flattering colors and details that compliment his or her personality, requires a unique skill set. Our tailors' scientific approach creates a well-engineered, quality suit. Our designers' creative vision will ensure that it looks impeccably stylish.

    Other suit makers use "clothiers"-code for "salespeople." They are quick to rattle off options as if reading from a menu: Slim fit or regular fit? Peak lapel or notch? And almost every choice, whether it be the fabric or the details, seems to come at an extra cost.

    We believe that your custom suit experience offers no room for a salesperson. There will be no sales pressure, up-selling, or surprise charges. We will simply make clothing that you want and advise you on choices based solely on your needs, features, personality, and body type.

  • How It's Made

    If the designer is the architect, our tailors are the engineers that bring the project to life. Tailoring is a science and skill, learned with time and sharpened through practice. Our master tailors have a cumulative century's worth of experience and have studied and served as apprentices to old-world master tailors. In the truest sense, they have earned the title of master tailor, and the suits they hand make are the finest money can buy. (See our Old World) Today the masters teach a new crop of tailors the old ways. Their work can be found in our Black Label custom clothing, which offers unmatched value and performance.

    In all our offerings, from our custom suits to our dress shirts, Requisite strives to uphold the traditions of craftsmanship that define a truly artisanal, custom tailor-made garment.

    We invite you to further explore the details of our construction: Suits. Shirts. Shoes.