December 20 0 CommentsFashion Re-play: How to get the Tom Brady and Eli Manning look

It’s not only the television and movie stars that are focused on their fashion, high power athletes are starting to dress the part as sartorial icons as well. There are those that are taking cues from their super-model wives, and others that may just feel the need to one-up their brother off the field. Either way, Tom Brady and Eli Manning are giving actors and models a run for their money in the tailored ensembles. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd when you’re standing next to Giselle Bundchen, but Tom Brady holds his own. To get the look worthy of a super-model on your arm, this is what you would need. -Grey twisted, check 3-piece suit, -Brown, white, and grey gingham shirt, -Knit tie, with large crease, -White pocket square, slightly disheveled, -And lace-up oxfords, with the classic round toe. Tom Brady sports a very classic English look, not to be confused with New England. For variations of his look, focus on cuts that are narrow and fit impeccably, but not too skinny. Selecting fabric that is tweeds and checks, in worsted wools, will also help to duplicate the Brady style. Another one of our favorite football players to see on the red carpet and social functions is Eli Manning. His attire is slightly more classic and formal than Brady’s, as he keeps his styling crisp and clean. For Manning’s signature look start with: -2-Button, notch lapel, double-vented, heather-brown pinstripe suit, -A classic white button-down dress shirt, -Brown and Navy striped tie, with perfectly folded pocket square, -And Milanese tan brown wingtip brogue. These two men show that a guy’s guy can clean up, and quite well, we might add. Custom suits, or precise tailoring would be needed for them because they fall into the category of an athletic build, which is impossible to find straight off-the-rack due to their proportions. So no excuses for the man who says he can’t find a suit that fits him because he’s just too buff; a great tailor or custom suit is pretty much the answer to all.

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