June 19 0 CommentsSuit Jacket vs. Sport Coat vs. Blazer

One of the most common comments we hear from our clients is that they hate looking like they took the jacket from their custom suits and are now wearing it as a blazer or sport coat. And we couldn’t agree more as this is one of our pet peeves as well. Here is our break down of the three looks.

Suit Jacket 
This is a jacket that is tailored to wear with matching pants. The silhouette of the jacket will follow the lines of the pants. Pairing a well-tailored suit jacket with khakis or slacks that do not share the same cut creates a goofy, mismatched look.

The modern blazer is a piece of clothing that can trace its roots back to classic naval uniforms. It can have the same feel and cut as a tailored suit jacket but will always have contrast buttons in gold, silver, or pewter. It’s always best to have a blazer with more casual details like patch pockets.

Sport Coat
Sport coats of today are an evolution of the old hunting jackets worn by English fox hunters. In fact, fabrics such as Scottish Harris tweeds and Donagel weave tweeds were once worn as an early version of camouflage. Sport coats are meant to have a combination of either pattern, texture, and some weight. The rule of thumb for anyone wanting to mix and match your sport coats, blazers, and suits (yes it is possible to wear your suit jacket as a sport coat- See The Multi-Purpose Suit) is to make sure that whatever jacket and pants you pair up, all have the same silhouette. For example, a tailored jacket should be paired with slim, straight-cut jeans or khakis.


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