May 27 0 CommentsItalian v. English Suits

Italy and England have consistently produced the best tailors and have the most legitimate claim for best suits in the world. With a process that comes from tradition, passed down from generations, both countries produce suits with immaculate construction and design. In the United States, the Italian suit takes the number one spot in popularity, with famous Italian suit brands such as Brioni, Zenga, and Armani readily available. Many Americans have not seen or been exposed to the traditional English suits, so we ask the question:  Is what’s popular always the best? This is a question without a precise answer, because it truly comes down to preference for tradition or for flair.

British tailoring stays true to the classics, with function and longevity being the most important aspects. The fabrication and structure of these suits are made to last decades and become air looms that can be passed down to generations. English suits usually have larger margins between the body measurements with a stiffer chest canvas and thicker shoulder pads, giving the body a slightly wider and more structured silhouette.

Italian tailors are more innovative using flashier fabrications and slimmer fit. They prefer to use super light fabrics that contour more to the natural shape of the body with higher gorge lines and less padding.

The question of whose suits are better won’t be able to be answered by anyone but yourself. You need to try on the cut, touch the fabric, and see what works best for you!



Written by Requisite Clothing

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