Black pebble grain monk strap custom shoe


Custom Hand Made

Uncompromised quality. Timeless lines. Custom fit. Shoes made for you and you alone. Custom handmade shoes by Requisite.

Requisite Custom Hand Made Dress Shoes

If there's one part of a man's wardrobe that should stand the test of time, it's his dress shoes. A well-made shoe can last for decades-fashion trends tend to have little influence on truly great men's shoes. While suit silhouettes have changed repeatedly over the years and advances in wool technology have created lighter, softer materials, a custom hand bench made shoe is always constant. Sure, blips have appeared on the fashion radar when it comes to toe shapes, materials, colors, and so on, but the truth is that top-of-the-line custom men's shoes of earlier eras-a custom hand crafted wingtip from 1910, for example-are virtually identical to the custom handmade shoes of today.

Our custom men's handmade shoes come in your choice of 40+ leathers ranging from French calfskin to suede to pebble grain, two toeshapes, and an almost limitless number of combinations of details and options, all of which will be hand molded to custom lasts crafted using 14 measurements taken directly from your feet. The resulting pair of shoes will be unique because they are built to fit your feet. Our timeless styling and custom fit, together with our old-world construction methods featuring full Goodyear welting, make the difference between shoes that will last a few seasons and shoes that will last a lifetime.

Due to the custom nature of Requisite shoes, our designs' toe shapes, lines, and silhouettes may vary significantly from the promotional photos and samples depending on customer foot size, width and shape. Our custom shoes are intended to be worn for fashion purposes only. Requisite custom shoes are not intended to be orthopedic shoes and are not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, pain, or orthopedic condition.