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Custom Tuxedos & Weddings

Requisite custom tuxedos flawless fit is the perfect compliment for any special occasion

requisite mens custom Tuxedos & Weddings

The tuxedo is the ultimate sartorial expression of elegance. It's worn to rejoice in a moment, to mark an accomplishment, to celebrate.

More than any other clothing item we make, our custom tuxedos have the potential to accumulate memories. We therefore believe that the perfect tux can and should be more than just a suit of clothes.

A classic tuxedo becomes a wedding picture that will hang prominently on your wall for the rest of your life. It's how you remember your grandfather on the night of your grandparents' 50th anniversary. It's what your father wore the night he was honored for excellence and achievement in his life's work. A tuxedo tends to be worn sparingly, but a single wearing can carry with it a lifetime's worth of meaning.

We strive to craft our custom tuxedos with an understated grace, allowing everyone's memories to center on your smile, your wit, and the occasion itself.

Classic. Clean. Timeless.

We give our best to pay tribute to the best of life.