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Custom Tuxedos & Custom Suits for Your Wedding

Fabrics can be deceiving. True, some fabrics drape better than others, but some fabrics photograph better also. This quality is further complicated by the fact that what looks beautiful to the naked eye may not always photograph best. We combine our understanding of fabric and cut to deliver a garment that will create the most photogenic image for your wedding day.

During the design process we take into consideration even the smallest detail-whether the setting is indoors or outdoors and during the day or the night, the event's theme, and so on. In this way we can help you choose your wedding suit or tuxedo's color (for example, certain black fabrics photograph dark green during the day and are better blacks for evening weddings), cut (balancing your body's proportions to create a symmetrical look), and design. The end result will be a wedding suit that not only is comfortable and drapes perfectly but also carries with it a unique sense of your personality, as only a custom suit can.

When it comes to your garment's design, we favor classic, clean, timeless looks infused with details that bespeak your personality and the theme of the wedding. If the wedding is on the beach, an 8.5-ounce linen-and-silk khaki suit with wider-leg trousers might be ideal. The texture and drape of the fabric will give it an airy, breezy, casual look perfect for the beach, while the cut will give it the elegant flair a wedding suit requires. For a formal wedding under the stars, one great choice is a midnight-blue, peak-lapel, one-button wedding tuxedo. It is classic and modern at the same time, which means it will never go out of style.

(If a blue tuxedo sounds like a bad joke to you, let us explain. We've all witnessed the horror of the Miami Vice wedding suits of the '80s or the powder-blue, wide-lapel, bellbottom wedding tuxedos of the '70s. These sartorial disasters could not be further from what we're suggesting- this darkest-of-the-dark midnight blue is the perfect inky black under artificial lights and flash bulbs.)

The above suits are just two examples of our custom wedding wear offerings; whether you seek a custom wedding suit or a custom wedding tuxedo, the possibilities are limitless.

If this is your first custom suit or tuxedo with us, we encourage you to book your appointment with a minimum of seven weeks' lead time before the event. While our average turnaround time is between four and five weeks, certain body types may require multiple fittings and adjustments to perfect the pattern. Building in this extra time will help ensure the best fit for your custom wedding suit or wedding tuxedo.