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Few items of clothing are as complex as women's suits. A staple for many female executives, a women's suit must walk the fine line between business garment and fashion statement. Some women prefer understated styling in their suits, while others prefer more flair. Regardless of the styling details, the cut has to exude professionalism without compromising femininity. The fit must also be just right. Petite women often have trouble finding women's suits, as most are cut too long for them. Curvy body types struggle to find women's suit jackets that fit at the bust line but aren't huge everywhere else. Women with hips have a hard time finding women's suit pants that fit without gapping at the waist. These are just some of the complaints we hear on a regular basis.

Fit issues aside, an added problem exists: should you find a women's suit brand with a style and fit you like, you are then limited to just a handful of choices. This is the result of the sheer number of style preferences possible coupled with the fact that women vary vastly when it comes to body types. When all is said and done, off-the-rack women's suit designers can't account for all these possible combinations within their collections.

A quick trip around the mall reveals how segmented women's suit designers are. Some only offer plus sizes, while others only offer petites. One designer we saw only offered up to a size 4. Each carried either generic or vastly diverse offerings. As a result, piecing together a business wardrobe of women's suits from multiple designers creates a sartorial mishmash-and while an eclectic look might work for some, the presence of a consistent theme in one's work wear can speak volumes.

At Requisite, we developed our custom suits for women with this vision in mind. We wanted to serve as a resource where all women, regardless of body type, could create their ideal business wardrobes. Our custom women's suits can help create a look that exudes confidence, using the fits and cuts that complement your unique body. The combination of our 4,000-plus fabrics with different styling options adds up to a custom women's suit selection that numbers, quite literally, in the tens of thousands. All this care comes together in a finished women's suit with a fit so exacting it's measured to within an eighth of an inch.