Custom Clothing Versus Off the Rack

"Custom clothing": it's a loaded phrase. For many, the idea conjures up visions of Wall Street fat cats in pinstriped suits purchased at exorbitant prices-and for a long time that idea was largely based in truth. This image of conspicuous consumption and enormous expense is exactly why the vast majority of consumers tend to stick with off-the-rack clothing. One of our goals in creating Requisite was to make the custom bespoke experience and its quality attainable. We are the first to admit that our clothing is not cheap-but we believe that our custom fit, quality garment construction, personalized one-on-one service, price, and selection make our offerings, stitch for stitch, the best value in tailored clothing in the marketplace today.

Requisite Custom Clothing

Off the Rack

Trained and talented designers are non- commissioned, focused solely on creating the best possible clothing for you.

Salespeople are focused on selling and will often recommend expensive items to increase their commissions or push ill-fitting clothing based on the available selection in the store.

All clothing is designed and cut from a fresh new pattern, using you as the template.

Each size is cut to fit a wide range of people (i.e., a size 40 jacket is designed to fit both an overweight person and an athletic person with a 40" chest).

Designers come to you on your schedule and at your location of choice. You needn't fight traffic or crowds or find parking.

Traffic, parking, and crowds

With thousands of fabrics and design options, the possible combinations are virtually limitless . . . and they will all fit you perfectly.

Stores will usually carry only a handful of choices in a particular size or style, usually between 10 and 50.

Personal, one-on-one attention.

You may have to wait in line or compete for a salesperson's attention.

Match colors and styles accurately to your existing wardrobe. All clothing is backed by our satisfaction guarantee. If, at the time of delivery, you are not satisfied, we will adjust or remake the item as necessary.

Matching of colors and styles takes place when you get home, often resulting in clothing that does not quite coordinate. Most stores do not allow returns or exchanges on clothing that has been tailored.