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Custom Suits

Fitted to perfection, Requisite Suits are constructed to the highest quality with the style and look that you want

Finding the Best Custom Clothing in San Diego

How do you tell if a suit is hand-made?

It’s not the label. It’s not because the salesman promised it’s bespoke.

True hand-made custom suits are finished with hours of painstaking hand stitching. Every visible element of the suit—the lapel, the cuffs, the pockets—will have the narrow, almost invisible line of hand picked stitches. This is the master tailor’s personal signature, the proof that a suit was made to fit one body and one body only, and will stand the test of time.

All San Diego designers promise quality custom clothing and bespoke suits, but not all live up to these standards. “Bespoke” can mean many things, but at Requisite Clothing our bespoke line of Old World suits must pass the most exacting standards. Each Old World suit is not only custom cut and fitted, but features a fitted interlining and hand molded shoulders. The result is a suit that perfectly matches your body, your posture, and the way you move.

You’ll never go back.

Requisite Clothing takes this same tradition of craftsmanship and applies it to all of our custom clothing. From men’s and women’s suits to our shirts, slacks and shoes, Requisite provides a custom level of fit and quality that stands above other clothiers. You won’t find better custom clothing in San Diego.

Come and experience Requisite’s style for yourself. Visit one of our trunk shows or make an appointment to speak with our designers. We’re ready for you.

All of our custom suits include the following details:

+ Hand-basted full canvas interlining
+ Rolled lapels
+ Surgeon cuffs
+ Pick stitching (when requested)
+ Hand-molded shoulders
+ Expert pattern matching
+ Horn buttons
+ Pattern made from scratch based on each clients measurements