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Custom Suits

Fitted to perfection, Requisite Suits are constructed to the highest quality with the style and look that you want

mens custom suits by requisite clothing

There are suits and there are SUITS. While multitudinous details distinguish the difference between the two, all bad suits have one thing in common: they are, for lack of a better word, just bad. Thanks to its fit and drape, a great suit is unmistakable from a hundred yards away, but only up close can it be truly appreciated. At short range, the details and craftsmanship become obvious. A great suit is something you put on and forget about because it's so effortless to wear. It's easy for a casual observer to notice a suit's effect on its wearer, but it's even easier to overlook the fact that each seam and stitch carries with it knowledge passed down for generations.

We combine our custom suits' details, along with our various makes and fabric collections, with closely guarded construction methods. Because we are a true custom design house, every suit starts from its own unique paper pattern. This attention to detail from the ground up gives us the ability to create any cut that can be sketched.

Other custom suit makers make this same claim, but when it comes down to it they offer just two cuts: slim and regular. Our designers are well-versed in pattern making and have the ability to create a variety of cuts to meet the needs of any particular client's measurements (for example, in the slim cut alone there are three major variations, not to mention countless hybrids). We believe in using the talents of our staff appropriately. This is why we use non-commission-basis designers (rather than sales reps or tailors) to conceptualize each custom suit, and then ask our master tailors to do what they do best: physically create the garment. The end result is a custom suit created with the vision of an artist and the technical precision of a seasoned artisan.

All of our custom suits include the following details:

+ Hand-basted full canvas interlining
+ Rolled lapels
+ Surgeon cuffs
+ Pick stitching (when requested)
+ Hand-molded shoulders
+ Expert pattern matching
+ Horn buttons
+ Pattern made from scratch based on each clients measurements