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Fitted to perfection, Requisite Suits are constructed to the highest quality with the style and look that you want

LA’s Finest Custom Clothing

Can a suit ever be comfortable in Los Angeles weather?

Los Angeles is the city where people go to be seen. But after an hour in the hot, balmy weather, even most starlets look disheveled and sweaty—while others look crisp and cool. What’s the difference?

The secret for many is wearing a truly handmade custom suit in Los Angeles. For both men and women, going with custom-cut, custom-fitted clothing allows a level of comfort, fit and freedom of movement that off-the-rack suits simply can’t match, even after alteration.

At Requisite Clothing, our custom clothing also offers an extensive variety in fabric choices—including super lightweight suiting that we hand-selected for our LA Suits. This ultra-light wool is crafted with a wide weave and then hand-stitched to create suits that are exceptionally breathable and cool, while every bit as sharp as you expect a custom suit to be. It feels like wearing nothing more than a light dress shirt.

That’s a suit that is meant for success.

We created Requisite Clothing because even the high-priced “bespoke” suits available in Los Angeles seemed to lack either style, fit or comfort. We traveled to the fitting rooms of master tailors in London to discover how true artisans create their suits. We discovered that most of the bespoke fashion houses in Los Angeles were not living up to the quality of traditional bespoke suits at all. We set out to change that.

If you need high quality custom clothing that will wear every bit as good as it looks, you need Requisite Clothing. Requisite serves many of LA’s most demanding clientele—and we keep them coming back for more.

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All of our custom suits include the following details:

+ Hand-basted full canvas interlining
+ Rolled lapels
+ Surgeon cuffs
+ Pick stitching (when requested)
+ Hand-molded shoulders
+ Expert pattern matching
+ Horn buttons
+ Pattern made from scratch based on each clients measurements