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Fitted to perfection, Requisite Suits are constructed to the highest quality with the style and look that you want

The Best Custom Clothing in Beverly Hills

How can you tell if a suit is truly custom hand-made, or if it was just altered to look that way?

Many Beverly Hills fashion houses claim their suits are bespoke, but that doesn’t mean they hold up to Old World standards of master quality.

Traditionally, to qualify as bespoke a suit has to be more than just hand cut from a new pattern. It has to pass exacting standards for its construction, quality, and the level of hand workmanship used to create it. Sewing machines are used for only 10% of the stitching on a true bespoke suit. Most Beverly Hills “bespoke” houses may customize their suits… but they do not live up to these standards

When you wear a true bespoke suit you can feel the difference. Not only the pattern, but the padding, the shoulders, and the lining are fitted to your body and posture. This exact fit coupled with a “floating” hand-anchored lining all come together to allow you unprecedented freedom of movement, without compromising your crisp appearance.

If you’re going to pay for a quality suit, wouldn’t you prefer the real thing?

At Requisite Clothing we don’t water down fashion. We offer custom suits and full lines of custom clothing for men and woman—as well as our Old World line of bespoke suits. When we say bespoke we mean exactly what the master tailors of Savile Row, London mean: a suit that is not only a work of art, but a technical masterpiece.

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All of our custom suits include the following details:

+ Hand-basted full canvas interlining
+ Rolled lapels
+ Surgeon cuffs
+ Pick stitching (when requested)
+ Hand-molded shoulders
+ Expert pattern matching
+ Horn buttons
+ Pattern made from scratch based on each clients measurements


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