It all starts here. Fabric is the raw ingredient. And just as with food, what you start with determines the quality of the final product. Great fabric = Great clothes. Period.

We feature fabrics from around the world, offering a collection from the finest British, Italian, and Australian mills. In addition, we carry fabrics from designer mills such as Ermenegildo Zegna, Loro Piana, and Dormeuil. We've grouped our fabrics into two collections: The Standards and our Requisite Collection.

The StandardsLearn More
Featuring mills that use top-quality merino wool, merino wool and cashmere, linen, and linen/silk blends. These mills produce cloth with a beautiful hand and durability that offer an excellent starting point for any custom suit.

REQUISITE CollectionLearn More
Featuring fabric collected from world-renowned mills, with decades of pedigree and proprietary looming techniques. These mills produce quite possibly the finest cloth available.