Construction of Our Custom Suits

Master tailor creating a custom suit pattern

In central London's Savile Row, the heart of the bespoke tailoring universe, some of the world's greatest craftsmen have come together to create the finest custom suits found anywhere in the world. For generations very few innovations have emerged, as far as processes go, in the production of custom suits. Custom suit making starts as a single artisan drafts the pattern by hand, working from an extensive set of unique measurements. From there he, often with the help of an apprentice, cuts and tailors a suit, molding it diligently to the client's body. From sketch to finished product, this process can span multiple fittings and require up to six months before the garment is delivered. As it was one hundred years ago, so it is today. This is still the best way to create a bespoke suit.

The problem is, there are too few master tailors in the world, making this grade of custom suit far too rare and quite expensive.

As we developed Requisite, we sought to make the experience of custom clothing widely available-and at a fair price. Making this possible meant creating a new process, one that uses resources more efficiently. We took cues from other industries in which modern technology combines efficiency and precision with traditional hand craftsmanship. We examined production processes from companies such as Porsche, Omega, and John Lobb, where automobiles, watches, and shoes are produced in mass quantities, often customized on the fly to a customer's order. These companies do this, day in and day out, without drastically sacrificing the excellence of the finished product.

Our Black Label process allows us to create handmade custom suits with a superior fit and uniformly high-quality finish. While it would be unfair to compare our Black Label products to a Savile Row custom tailor's work (as it would be to compare a Porsche 911 to a Formula One racecar), we are confident that they are unmatched anywhere within their price range.

We understand that, for the purist, the traditional bespoke route is the only way to go. This is why we offer our Old World line for true custom suit aficionados. Made from start to finish by a single master craftsman, as they were a century ago, these custom suits are the finest we offer.

Black Label
Dollar for dollar, stitch for stitch, the best value for custom suits in the market place.

Old World
Uncompromising in every aspect, true bespoke tailoring at its finest.