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Custom Slacks

Fitted to perfection, Requisite Slacks are constructed to the highest quality with the style and look that you want

requisite womens custom Slacks

Women come in all shapes, heights, and sizes, yet off-the-rack designers make their women's slacks in a few set sizes that rarely fit properly. Some department stores try to provide variety by offering a broad selection of different cuts in their jeans, but these same retailers usually completely ignore women's slacks. Your slacks should fit perfectly and complement your style, personality and, of course, body-but the limited ready-made selection has forced plenty of women to wear brands that don't quite fit.

Our custom women's slacks will be made to your precise measurements in the cut you desire. Whether you're searching for a low-rise wide-leg or a cropped straight-leg pair, you can finally get the look you want in the fit you need.