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Custom Slacks

Fitted to perfection, Requisite Slacks are constructed to the highest quality with the style and look that you want

requisite mens custom Slacks

Feel: the magic word that describes how comfortable we are in our clothing. When it comes to our pants, if they feel great, we feel great.

But what does "feel" really mean? For some it's in the actual physical fit-having the perfect amount of room that allows you to bend, sit, breathe, and eat unencumbered by your trousers. For others, it's more visual-the way the trousers are cut, with clean lines offering an elegant, assertive silhouette.

Pants are a necessity (why else do we have nightmares about leaving the house without them?), but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't feel their best, whatever your definition of "best" may be: generous and roomy, slim and trim, or somewhere in between. Our custom slacks will have you feeling great day in and day out.

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