Light Blue Butcher Stripe Custom Dress Shirt


Custom Dress Shirts

Crafted using your measurements Requisite Custom Dress Shirts are the perfect blend of style and comfort.

requisite Mens custom dress shirts

The dress shirt's flexibility and utter necessity are its greatest assets, making it the blank page on which every man will write his story. You can pair it with bold colors or subdued pattern or, as in the case of the perfect white custom dress shirt, leave it to its own simplicity. The right custom dress shirt wardrobe will carry you assertively and elegantly through any occasion.

Our custom shirts are made to your exact measurements and cut from the finest fabrics with your choice of fit and details.

All of our custom dress shirts feature the following:
+ Single-needle tailoring, with a painstaking 18 to 22 stitches per inch
+ 28 collar styles
+ 8 pocket styles
+ 11 cuff styles
+ Double-reinforced hand-sewn buttons
+ 12 monogram styles as well as an optional custom monogram-your signature can become your monogram.
+ Pattern made from scratch based on each clients measurements.

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Our quality and craftsmanship create a custom shirt with a flattering, faultless fit and finish. Be warned: this perfection will make you feel a bit sad, because after wearing one of our dress shirts you will wish that every other dress shirt you own felt the same way.