the process

Seersucker Slim Custom Suit

Whether you're looking for a killer special-occasion suit or want to create a working wardrobe, we start our service by assigning each client a personal designer.

Our designers are handpicked for their knowledge and passion for clothing, in addition to their talent and vision for style and design. They are not salespeople and do not work on commission. Their only responsibility is to design, and they are tasked solely with making a powerful sartorial statement for each of their clients. Rest assured: After your initial appointment, your designer will be familiar with your history and be able to provide you with advice on and answers to your future wardrobe and style questions and concerns.

Step 1:

Your designer gathers an overall picture of you, your personality, your needs, your goals, and so on.

Step 2:

You and your designer choose the colors, cuts, and fabrics that fit you best.

Step 3:

Up to 37 measurements and posture notations are taken to ensure that your garment fits and drapes perfectly. Every detail, from which wrist you wear your watch on to which pocket you like to keep your keys in, is factored into the design.

Step 4:

In about four to five weeks, the designer returns with your garment-a garment that is unique to you and truly one-of-a-kind.