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Redefining Luxury through Custom Clothing

When we first created the concept for Requisite Custom Clothing, the last thing we wanted to create was yet another same-old brand in an already-crowded marketplace. We wanted to do something special, craft a company that means something personal to each of our clients. Too often, big brand names and famous designers push their style philosophies onto consumers. The result? Customers who have closets filled with clothes but nothing to wear.

With that thought in mind, we decided to go the custom route. When it comes to fine clothing such as custom suits or custom shirts, there is a fine line between quality and extravagance. Extravagance is merely expensive-it serves no purpose. Quality, on the other hand, stands the test of time and adds value. Quality meets the wearer's needs and serves those needs faithfully. Luxury is not defined by price, but rather by quality, because quality is the essence of true luxury.

We understand that clothing is a personal statement that differs from person to person. Some may express elegance with the perfect navy custom suit, some may spotlight their creativity with unique textile patterns, and some may choose to express their individuality with a fit so flawless that it exudes confidence.

Whatever the statement you want to make-whether it be a streamlined slim-cut custom suit; a clean, crisp custom dress shirt; or the perfect custom tuxedo for your wedding-we will strive to design clothing that exemplifies your personality.

Our offerings include mens custom suits, womens custom suits, custom tuxedos, custom sport coats and custom blazers, custom overcoats and custom topcoats, custom dress shirts, and custom slacks for both men and women.

About Our Site

Helping you send your desired message through custom clothing is our mission. When we developed our site, we wanted it to be much more than just a catalog or another place to buy a suit. We wanted to share with you the stories behind our clothing, the style wisdom imparted to us over the years, our clothing triumphs, and (of course!) our own sartorial mistakes.

We wanted to create a site where, together, we can all learn, teach, and share. We assume that as you search for that killer custom suit or the perfect custom dress shirt, your top priority is finding a label that shares your passion for quality, value, and style. We have made every effort with this website to convey our commitment to creating the finest garments possible. Thank you for taking the time to consider Requisite custom clothing. We invite you to experience the difference you'll feel when your clothing is made for you and you alone.

Bespoke Custom Suits

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Purveyors of bespoke custom made clothing, specializing in custom suits and custom shirts for men and women